Ooh, Fancy That = like it, love it, so wondrous!!

All things fancy, all the time--served up to you, so that we can all share in the joy. Hey, there's enough to go around.

About Me |

I recently finished grad school, and admittedly spend many hours on the computer, but in addition to that, I work as a psych researcher, spend an inordinate amount of time savoring food, toiling away on the OFT shop, climbing anything in my way (usually resulting in some kind of bodily injury), and of course, loving and finding joy in family, friends, fashion, vintage everything, books, and all that's fancy in my world.

What can I say, I love to love things, and there's nothing more I enjoy than variety. Therefore, you won't be able to come here just for your fashion fix, food craving, or latest entertainment tidbit, but you can come here for all of that and more! There's nothing that brings me more joy than to share the things I fancy with you, dear readers. Yes, I admit it; that was a tad hyperbolic.

Feel free to contact me at oft@oohfancythat.com



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