.. how to wear that pesky jumpsuit ..

I find jumpsuits notoriously difficult to pull off, unless you are a rail-thin, 6-feet tall, model-type, which obviously, I am not. In this post, I attempt to show you some ways to wear a jumpsuit, successfully, I hope. (I apologize for the less than stellar quality of the photos. I had to take these shots real quick, so I set up the tripod facing my front door and went to town. I will do better next time, promise!)

Tip one, make sure you wear very high leg-lengthening heels! I've chosen some red pointy-toed pumps with metal hardware from Velvet Angels. I love the pop of red, although my jumpsuit is so long, you don't often get to see much of the shoe.

My Halston Heritage silk jumpsuit is special on its own--it does have a cape, after all--but I decided to add something more by defining my waist with a vintage gold metal belt. Fit is ultra-important when wearing a jumpsuit, as the silhouette can be pretty unforgiving. Make sure you are not accentuating any camel-toe action.

Otherwise, have fun with it! I chose to pair my jumpsuit with four different outerwear options, as I love layering, and it really completes the look in a luxurious way.

Worn with a vintage cropped Ann Klein II blazer with gold hardware. I like that the jacket is cropped, as it works well by lengthening the lines of the jumpsuit.

This is more of a glam look, worn with a vintage gold, sparkly jacket.

Third outerwear option, a little more subtle, but still sparkly and fun.

Finally, I had to wear it with my vintage white rabbit fur coat. It's so soft and I love the black, white, and gold together.

Until next time, xoxo.


.. shopping hauls, the story of my life ..

I won't deny having a slight buying problem, but it just makes me so happy. There are too many beautiful things in this world, and when I see them, I want! I do try to keep things under control, but there are so many days in the year, and so many opportunities to take out that wallet and acquire. I love a good deal, too, so when I find out about a spectacular sale, I just can't resist.

Last week, I attended the Gilt Warehouse Sale in Los Angeles, and although slightly disappointed that the deals weren't as good as I had hoped, I still walked away with some nice items. I never have a problem finding something worth purchasing. If you don't know about Gilt, it's a website that offers daily sales on designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods. The warehouse sale was the same kind of thing, but with a lot of their stock on display, and some items were reduced further from the listed price online (although many items were not further discounted).

In addition to the Gilt items, I had a little shop around at several secondhand and consignment shops, Nordstrom, Asos, and more, I'm sure.

Take a look!

 Candela Maxi Dress // Gilt Warehouse sale // Beautiful crocheted back

 Maiden Lane Almond Toe Patent Leather Nude Heels // Gilt Warehouse Sale // A nice basic

 Rebecca Minkoff Monogrammed Clutches/Make-up Bags // Gilt Warehouse Sale // Monogrammed with random letters that don't work for my first or last name, but who cares.

 Hugo Boss Men's Boots (for my dad) // Gilt Warehouse Sale // Dad has style

 Helmut Lang Strappy Black Leather Sandals // Secondhand/Consignment Shop // Super sexy, practically new, amazing deal!

 Costume National Lucite Green Heels // Secondhand/Consignment Shop // Also like-new, with a fun detail

Fila Red and Black Leather High-top Sneakers // Secondhand Shop // A very unlikely choice, as I'm rarely into the "sporty" look, but these were adorable, and never worn.

 Studded Leather Jacket // Asos // Can't ever have enough leather jackets, and this one was 75% off!

Coated Metallic Jeans, Leather Pants, and Circle Scarf (gift, but I'm wearing it tons) // Asos (except for the scarf, which is Anthropologie // I needed a little excitement with my trousers

Western-inspired Ankle Boots // Nine West // I haven't purchased a Nine West shoe in a long time, but checked out their website after I saw the Pamela Love x Nine West Boots. These are not from the collaboration, but still amazing.

Tibi Gold Foil Dress with Blue Accents // Nordstrom // Wore this out to a holiday party

Leave a comment below to let me know which items you liked, hated, and/or can't wait to get your hands on!!


.. side dish heaven ..

I've been so sick this past week, that I haven't managed much more than semi-regular trips to the bathroom and mindless browsing on the internet. I wanted to put together a fun post on all the pretty things I've recently acquired, but that will have to wait for another day. Despite being sick, my appetite is still quite good, so I didn't mind revisiting the food that my mom and I prepared for Christmas. We made so much of it, but we usually have hordes of family/friends over for dinner, that there's not much leftover. Sad.

Cranberry Compote (in progress)...I made this first, put it aside, then forgot to serve it.

 Clam Chowder (in progress)

 Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Sausage

 Roasted Japanese Eggplant


 Buttered Corn on the Cob. We had a corn and peas dish as well.

 Random Salad (in progress/undressed)

 Yams (in progress/unbaked)

 Roast Beef. My little brother cooked this dish!!

 Green Beans and Asparagus with Bacon and Pine Nuts

 Turkey with the best stuffing ever. I got over-excited and forgot to photograph the whole bird out of the oven, and the food fiends were making quick work of the stuffing, so no picture of that either.


Yay, so happy to be done cooking! I'm missing a couple side dishes and all the dessert, but you get the idea...there was a lot of food!!


.. my accidental love of hats ..

I hardly ever wear hats, not because I don't find them to be lovely accessories, but I just can't be bothered to keep track of them (it's hard enough not forgetting my handbag), and they're quite troublesome as I'm having to constantly keep them from blowing off my head in the wind, and to be honest, my forehead can get quite hot and sweaty under hats.

Given all those perfectly good explanations as to why I don't wear hats, you'd think there would be no fathomable reason why I should purchase headgear, only to have them lie around listlessly, unused and unloved. That's all true, but somehow inexplicably, I've managed to amass a large collection of hats. I think it started about two years ago when I cut my hair into a semi-bob, and was inspired to start dressing up my head a little more. That obsession only lasted several weeks, but still, I just couldn't help buying more. I do, indeed, have a problem.

Since they're not getting much wear in my daily life, I decided to start a hat series on the blog, so that they get a little love. Here's Part 1 (we won't discuss how many parts in total there are)...

Oh, also important to note, I'm definitely not naked in these photos. I was wearing a strapless top, because I mistakenly thought that would make the photos better, but in fact, it only makes things awkward. Lesson learned.

 Vintage, very bad-ass, but super impractical.

 Vintage from Saks, cute shape, and I've actually worn this out!

 Vintage, white fox fur, ultra lux and warm, if only I lived somewhere cold.

 Can't remember where I got this one, but when worn the right way, very Carmen Sandiego.

 Vintage, nice shape, but of course, you can't tell with my weird ass pose. 

 Can't remember where I got this one, but I like it! It's the perfect, jaunty, hunting hat.

Vintage, again too small, but adorable!


.. a taste of thanksgiving ..

This is months late, of course, but let's be honest, food is good any way you can get it. My mom and dad were away on vacation during Thanksgiving, so it wasn't the usual loud and bustling affair, but still quite nice. I attended one Thanksgiving dinner, and that was lovely, not only because of the great company, but I also didn't have to cook or clean! I'm never one to rest on my laurels though, so I was back in the kitchen that weekend for my very own Thanksgiving feast. Here's a sampling of what I cooked...

 Roasted Garlic Smashed Potatoes with Chives

 Yellow Corn with Parsley

 Spring Salad (in progress)

 Roasted Asparagus

New York Strip Beef Roast
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