.. my accidental love of hats ..

I hardly ever wear hats, not because I don't find them to be lovely accessories, but I just can't be bothered to keep track of them (it's hard enough not forgetting my handbag), and they're quite troublesome as I'm having to constantly keep them from blowing off my head in the wind, and to be honest, my forehead can get quite hot and sweaty under hats.

Given all those perfectly good explanations as to why I don't wear hats, you'd think there would be no fathomable reason why I should purchase headgear, only to have them lie around listlessly, unused and unloved. That's all true, but somehow inexplicably, I've managed to amass a large collection of hats. I think it started about two years ago when I cut my hair into a semi-bob, and was inspired to start dressing up my head a little more. That obsession only lasted several weeks, but still, I just couldn't help buying more. I do, indeed, have a problem.

Since they're not getting much wear in my daily life, I decided to start a hat series on the blog, so that they get a little love. Here's Part 1 (we won't discuss how many parts in total there are)...

Oh, also important to note, I'm definitely not naked in these photos. I was wearing a strapless top, because I mistakenly thought that would make the photos better, but in fact, it only makes things awkward. Lesson learned.

 Vintage, very bad-ass, but super impractical.

 Vintage from Saks, cute shape, and I've actually worn this out!

 Vintage, white fox fur, ultra lux and warm, if only I lived somewhere cold.

 Can't remember where I got this one, but when worn the right way, very Carmen Sandiego.

 Vintage, nice shape, but of course, you can't tell with my weird ass pose. 

 Can't remember where I got this one, but I like it! It's the perfect, jaunty, hunting hat.

Vintage, again too small, but adorable!


  1. ADVICE: DO wear hats ;) (catcall whistle....)

    1. Hehe, thanks...There are some hats in my collection that I think would look amazing on you! I'll bring them by sometime, and we can dress up!

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