.. how to wear that pesky jumpsuit ..

I find jumpsuits notoriously difficult to pull off, unless you are a rail-thin, 6-feet tall, model-type, which obviously, I am not. In this post, I attempt to show you some ways to wear a jumpsuit, successfully, I hope. (I apologize for the less than stellar quality of the photos. I had to take these shots real quick, so I set up the tripod facing my front door and went to town. I will do better next time, promise!)

Tip one, make sure you wear very high leg-lengthening heels! I've chosen some red pointy-toed pumps with metal hardware from Velvet Angels. I love the pop of red, although my jumpsuit is so long, you don't often get to see much of the shoe.

My Halston Heritage silk jumpsuit is special on its own--it does have a cape, after all--but I decided to add something more by defining my waist with a vintage gold metal belt. Fit is ultra-important when wearing a jumpsuit, as the silhouette can be pretty unforgiving. Make sure you are not accentuating any camel-toe action.

Otherwise, have fun with it! I chose to pair my jumpsuit with four different outerwear options, as I love layering, and it really completes the look in a luxurious way.

Worn with a vintage cropped Ann Klein II blazer with gold hardware. I like that the jacket is cropped, as it works well by lengthening the lines of the jumpsuit.

This is more of a glam look, worn with a vintage gold, sparkly jacket.

Third outerwear option, a little more subtle, but still sparkly and fun.

Finally, I had to wear it with my vintage white rabbit fur coat. It's so soft and I love the black, white, and gold together.

Until next time, xoxo.

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  1. Studio 54 here I come! Love the way you work that jumpsuit...great tip about the cropped jacket. As a fellow, non-6ft model, I've always been intimidated to spot the look. But, I do have some racy high heels that I'm gonna set out and keep my eyes peeled for a snazzy one-piece. As always, great pics and gorgeous model!


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