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Let's be upfront about this. If you want to be a good gift giver, then you should think long and hard about the person you're giving the gift to (i.e., their likes/dislikes, what they need/want, what will make them scream out in joy and proclaim, "ooh, fancy!"). Refer to the latest episode of 30 Rock to see how Jack Donaghy does in it style. Truth is though, sometimes we need a little help. Sure, we might be able to figure out what our loved ones want, but what about the other randoms in our life?

Therefore, we begin our series of gifts for the clueless today. This may prove useless to you, but maybe not. Let's see, shall we?

Chapter 1 | Gifts Under $50

Anthropologie | Spring Mix Apron | $38

Perfect for the woman in your life who loves to cook. What's better than a frilly, completely impractical apron? She'll feel lovely wearing it, while she whips up that gourmet meal you've been hankering for. Throw in a couple small mixing bowls, a whisk, and spatula, and you've got it made. Not an appropriate gift from the misogynist out there, and definitely not appropriate it your lady doesn't want anything to do with the kitchen.

Cranium | Pop 5 Edition | $ 50.19

Okay, so not under $50, but close enough. I don't have this edition--only the Turbo and Wow version of the game--but they're all good. This will provide endless fun for everyone. What more could you ask for? Now, you're likely to have a couple of anti-gameboarders in the group, but don't hesitate to force their hand a bit. No one will regret it!

Movie (Blue Ray) | District 9 | $17.99

My favorite movie of the year. So extraordinary, thought provoking, emotionally compelling...I cried through the whole thing.

MOMA | Sale Items | Various

Sherman Untitled Film Still | $15
Shibori Ring | $14.95
Sticky Notes | $2.99    
Timeless Bracelet | $54.95    

Great items at the MOMA store....a touch of whimsy.

Note | More fancy items to come in our series. Look for it.

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