.. mele kalikimaka is the thing to say ..

"Mele Kalikimaka", derived from the Hawaiian pronunciation of "Merry Christmas" After 10 full days in beautiful Kauai and Maui, I learned a few important Hawaiian phrases...

1) Aloha
2) Mahalo
3) and my favorite! Mele Kalikimaka

This song is very powerful...once you listen to it, it will be singing in your head the next several days. I got the wonderful chance to hear it sung live in Kauai and Maui during my honeymoon with Twilight. As portions of this song kept ringing in my head, I could no longer hold it in and finally had to sing out loud, so poor Twilight had to listen to sing this song sung with original and creative lyrics in a chipmunk voice throughout the trip....it's more fun to sing it that way....and he thought I made up this song...I wish I did...this is just one example as to how different things grab ones attention and now Twilight sings the song over and over all by himself...hehe... Until next time, this is Ladylove Mrs Romantic

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