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My mom made this great Vietnamese noodle soup dish--Mi Quang--yesterday and I can't tell you how absolutely scrumptious it was. I devoured it! I'm regretting the fact that I didn't take a picture of the dish. Next time!

My mom's version of Mi Quang is made with a rich homemade broth filled with chicken and pork belly, and topped with al dente egg noodles, one hardboiled egg (it's awesome when some of the yolk is mixed into the soup),  peanuts, julienned banana hearts (i.e., "sterile, male, banana flower" according to Wikipedia), herbs, bean sprouts, roasted peanuts, and sesame crisps. I decided to add some fresh sautéed crab to my soup, since my mom had prepared that along with a whole fried fish as well. Needless to say, she is a great cook, and that's where much of my love of food originates. I wanted to mention that my mom's crab is also to die for. She uses the crab tomale/tomalley in the sauce, so it's extra flavorful.

I'm craving a bowl right now as I sit here at work sniffling and shivering.

I'll post a recipe if I'm able to, but my mom and I tend to wing it a bit when it comes to cooking. There aren't any recipes per say, but I'd certainly be able to provide a guide for this dish.

Rating | O O O O

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