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Let me disclose something to you, dear readers. I've noticed a drastic improvement on the condition of the soles of my feet. With no small amount of shame, I'll tell you that I had some hard, dry feet bottoms. I'll save you the disgust and not post a picture. I blame the heels, sandals, and lack of socks, frankly. Now, I do partly attribute the softening of my feet to fall/winter since I've been wearing a lot more sneakers with socks lately. But fall/winter is also dryer, which could also have an adverse effect on my feet. See, I've given this a lot of thought.

The real deal though, is Ped Egg! This wondrous device is truly all it promises to be. Although I've only used it several times, I have to say I'm quite impressed, and that doesn't happen very often (okay, pretty often, but I mean it this time!).

I discovered something pretty cool today. They've made a Platinum Ped Egg. That's the ultimate in Ped Eggs! The product details says it's for men, but pshaw! Let's not live within the boundaries of silly things like product descriptions.

Rating | O O O O and a half


  1. I should try this out... i have some pretty gnarly dry heels issues too! my mom and greg yells at me for peeling it...Sorry TMI! hehe.


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