.. work in progress ..

We continue to work on the look of the blog. I still prefer the black background, but some have called it drab. We'll give the white background a try, along with a couple of other cosmetic changes, and see how it works out.

Please comment on your preferences below. I care what you think, or at the very least, want to appear as though I do. Special thanks to Mara for providing the original image that now serves as the blog title's background image.

Happy Holidays! Hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.  The holidays are making me soft. Unfortunately, I go back to work tomorrow. So sad; not fancy at all! I cannot wait for the New Year though. Changes, wonderful changes, are a brewin'.

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking the white background now that I've made some other changes to the look of the blog. It's coming together, but I'll keep tinkering with it!


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