.. breastfeeding to a whole new level ..

I heard about this on Chelsea Lately yesterday, so I did a cursory search on Google today, but I couldn't find the exact article in question. I would've searched further, but I started to get a bit concerned about searching for "woman breastfeeding dog" at work. For sure, some questionable content came up.

Hehe, from what I can remember (keep in mind, I was half asleep), a UK woman has been regularly breastfeeding her pet bull dog. First, she started out just feeding him some breast milk in a bowl, and somehow it escalated to directly breastfeeding her dog. Hmm.

She mentioned going on the internet to look up how unusual this was, and found out that it wasn't too uncommon. Duh, it's the internet.

I'll have to follow up with more on this story, because there's a brilliant quote from her about how much her dog enjoys breast milk.


  1. That's very disturbing, but interesting at the same time. I'll try to look it up.

  2. Is this it? http://refugeesunleashed.net/about22012.html

  3. Haha, yeah sounds like the same woman! I think I came across this link earlier, but didn't read through it because I was trying to find a newspaper/tabloid article about it with interview. Hehe, did you click to take a look at the picture? I couldn't, since I'm at work :(

  4. Yes, I unfortunately did see the picture. Gross! I would advise that others learn from my mistake and avoid the link.

  5. :) Okay, proceed with caution. You probably won't find it that disturbing, though. I am just easily grossed out.

  6. hahah, just got a chance to see the picture. That dog is really cute and she looks really happy.


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