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Dear Fancy,
Do you think it's concerning that I'm 32 years old and have eight cats? I don't want to be known as a "crazy cat lady," because I'm not! Truthfully though, I think having this many cats is really putting a cramp on my dating life. Once I bring home a guy, he's never to be seen again. I can't tell whether that's because he got too much cat hair in his mouth or whether it has something to do with me?? Please help!
Ms. Midnight Meow

My Lonesome Ms. Meow,

This is a common concern for women out there. I say, pish posh, so the guy gets some cat hair in his mouth, what of it?? Have all the cats you want! I have to mention though, I think you left out one very important detail in your letter, Ms. Meow....Are your cats dead or alive?? This is a vital piece of information. If you have a house full of stuffed dead cats, then I would say you should just throw in the towel. Those things are very frightening and people get uncomfortable having all those pairs of glassy eyes staring back at them. Like I always say,  it's all fun and games, until someone gets scared. I certainly hope that's not the case with you!

Another thing, what exactly is happening when you take these men home? I have some concerns that it's not just all about the cats. You're not pouncing on all of them, are you?



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