.. match me, if you dare ..

I just had a long conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday night. I'm so happy to tell you that she's decided to try match.com! Hmm, I hope she's not reading this right now and cringing. Unfortunately, I did not clear this with her first, although not to worry, no names will be revealed.

It's only her second day, but she's already having so much fun. She's gotten a bunch of profile views, winks, and emails. If nothing else, Match is a great boost to one's ego. I love it and she's sure to have many wacky conversations, adventurous dates, and barrels of laughs.

I'm reminded of a hilarious "It's Sunny in Philadelphia" episode where the guys help Charlie with internet dating. So good.

Sorry about the terrible video quality on the second clip. I will endeavor to do better next time.

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