.. a mile a minute ..

My mind has been whirling around from here to there, without a moment's reprieve. I've been thinking a lot about design and style, because we're getting ready to launch our Etsy site. Be excited!! I can't seem to focus today; it must be Friday! There's just so much that's beautiful out there and I want to soak it all in, but can't manage to do it fast enough, given the breadth and depth of everything that exist and can exist out there. This is what happens when I get excited; I just can't seem to stop and take a moment. I love it all and never want to limit myself to just one thing. I'm always going on and on about variety, that's for sure.

It's all been so invigorating and inspiring. I know that we'll continue to build our brand and I hope to share more wonderful ideas/things with our fancy readers out there.

Here's a little inspiration for today...reading a book on a chaise lounge, looking out into rolling green hills, and smelling the delicious aroma of a warm, comforting  bourguignon stew cooking away on the stove top. Now imagine all of that in a French chateau. I'm due for a trip, where adventures are the name of the game!

Oh, the things I'd do to those copper pots!

Source | Architectural Digest, Architecture and Design by Joseph Pell Lombardi

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