.. naked lady godiva ..

I just opened a piece of Godiva Chocolate to find a convex pattern of a naked woman straddling a horse (sorry, no picture). I had a laugh and was curious to know why Godiva Chocolates decided upon that motif.

After a quick Google search, I discovered that a real Lady Godiva existed, and according to Medieval legend, she took a naked ride around Conventry, England to protest her husband's oppressive tax laws. As a sign of respect and in deference to her modesty, the townspeople stayed in-doors behind covered windows during her ride through town. The legend goes on to describe a "Peeping Tom" (that's where the term comes from!), who couldn't resist having his fill of the lady, and was subsequently punished by death.

Who knew!? Apparently though, the story is more legend than truth. Many historians believe that the naked ride never actually occurred.

Source | Harvard Magazine and Wikipedia
                Painting by John Collier

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