.. perfect night in ..

As I alluded to on our twitter, my boyfriend and I stayed in for New Year's Eve. We cooked together, drank, ate, and had a grand ole time. It was wonderful!

Hey, I hear your snickering. You're probably calling us old and boring, but that's just not the case. We're not; I promise. Well, I'm certainly not.

We made a simple, but beautiful meal (not perfect in my book, but still a great showing).

Menu |
chips with guacamole and salsa
mix green salad with olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette 
seared halibut with a lemon butter caper sauce
blanched green and wax beans alongside caramelized onions
crusty french baguette with lots of butter
chocolate souffle
wine and champagne

Here are several pictures for your pleasure |

P.S. | I forgot to mention the best part...we did our countdown with the irresistible duo of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Duh.


  1. We are not old; we're refined. You did a great job with the food and it was delicious! You should be on a cooking competition show. - C.


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