.. total fail ..

I got tickets to the Golden Globes Red Carpet Show, and I was somewhat excited about seeing stars in pretty dresses. I told my boyfriend, "Just wait, we get to see how skinny these people really are!"

It took us about any hour to get there, and when I went to check in, I was greeted with a massive line. No go. After waiting twenty minutes and not making any progress, I decided to ditch the place in favor of some other fun. Good move on my part as it started to rain shortly thereafter.

My boyfriend and I decided to check out LACMA. Hmm, I wasn't too impressed. Oh well. I had a nice breakfast this morning. That's what it all comes down to in the end...food.


  1. aww what a bummer! even with tickets it didn't guarantee entrance?

  2. It did...we just didn't want to wait in such a long line to check-in. Turned out for the best, since I would've been mad if we finally got seated, only to have it start raining....the bleachers were outside and uncovered.

  3. ohhh it was outside? yea...good call!


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