..what did you say Leno..

Being on TV can get you into some messy situations if you don't mean what you say....
I think it's past 2009.  Isn't 2010?


  1. Leno should have retired and not done the 10pm show. I don't think it was his idea to move the time slots around; that was NBC. But Conan would have had a better run with the Tonight Show if Leno hadn't been there sucking away viewers. How many late night shows do you need on 1 network? Leno should have honored his original words and retired from Late Night TV in 2009. Now Conan is walking away from his dream job and both of their reputations are tarnished by it. It really sucks for everyone involved. I am a big Conan fan and I hope that he finds something even better. I could see him kicking ass on a show that's more akin to The Daily Show... versus this outdated, "I have a band and a monologue" bullshit. It's not you Conan; it's the format. Try something new.


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