.. feeling light as a feather ..

I hate feeling stuck! Who doesn't? As a rule, I will do everything in my control and power not to find myself in an unpleasant situation for any length of time. Today, I got two pieces of news that really made my day. Don't you just love it when things seem to come together?

I still have many decisions to make, but it's so great to know that I have options. It's that thing that you can keep in your back pocket, and all of a sudden everything looks different--better. It reinforces to me that there's always something that can be done. As Jack told Locke yesterday, "Nothing's irreversible." I know, I'll stop with the Lost references.

I realize that I'm being very oblique, but that's just because I'm still pondering things over. Once everything's all said and done, you'll be the first to know, dear readers.

Oh and if you were wondering, we're steadily working toward the launch of our Etsy website! I cannot wait.

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