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Agora Churrascaria | Irvine, CA | 02.16.10

Meat!!! Enough said. It was a total meat fest. On that particular night, there were fifteen different cuts of meat and we tried them all. Luckily, I was able to get through the meal, because I went light on the salad and side dishes and shared my portions with a friend.

Seriously though, come with an appetite and be prepared to die of meat exhaustion. Some of the cuts weren't that great. For example the lamb chops and pork tenderloin were way overcooked and dry, but the filet mignon was tender and juicy. It's just that some meats are better suited to be grilled on a stick than others, and more forgiving, too.

The salads and sides dishes were delicious. I had to restrict myself from getting a bit of everything, because I didn't want to fill up on the starches. The little cheese rolls and liquered up bananas on the table were a great compliment to all the meat we had.

The wait staff is very helpful and the decor was nice, without being too fancy. We went a bit earlier on a weeknight, so were we able to avoid the dinner crowd and get all the servings of meat we desired.


Rating | O O O and a half

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