.. secret to making twins? ..

So I just heard a rumor. Apparently there is a guy at my work that knows the secret to making twins. Sounds plausible and equally amazing. He apparently has twins and "taught" another person to have twins of there own. Twins are in. A prospective student in this art is very interested and will seek answers. Once he tracks down this "master of twin making", and shares with me, I'll update.


So we didn't have to track him down because he mysteriously appeared in our department just now. We approached and asked the question...I thought it was gonna be some recipe or secret ingredient that you take. It wasn't. I'm not sure if you wanna know the answer. But I'll let you know that now after asking him, I have more questions. As I was pondering this, he was gone just as mysteriously as he appeared. And my newfound questions will remain unanswered, for now.

I also want to do the responsible thing here with keeping this secret a secret. Think about it. If this secret gets out we could have everyone on the planet having twins. Not only would this be a major impact to the environment with overpopulation, but some people out there shouldn't be a twin. Think about the person in your life that annoys you most, now imagine that there are two of them. It could also cause mass confusion with mistaken identities on a global scale. I best keep this secret to myself.

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