.. inadvertant mooning ..

I'm a total klutz. Anyone who knows me wouldn't argue the point. Spilling glasses of water, getting bread baskets to catch on fire, tripping over smooth concrete, skies the limit.

Last Sunday, my boyfriend's family was nice enough to take me out for my upcoming birthday! Very sweet of them.

CD and I met his parents at their house and we were to follow them to the restaurant. So, as I was getting into his car, I somehow managed to sit down with such force that I totally split my pants--all the way from right cheek down to mid-thigh! Oh, the horror!! We had to get out of our car and make his parents get out of their car to repair the situation. Luckily, CD's mom had gotten me a handful of presents, and I was able to fish out a long tunic to wear over my torn pants. Well, what can I say? I love presents and couldn't wait to get into them. So much so, that I ripped my pants for the very pleasure of wearing something new to dinner. That's dedication.

Hah, I kid! It's just my typical behavior rearing it's klutzy head again. Not that I'd call this clumsy behavior, but it's typical Jennifer behavior. I'm surprised this very thing hasn't happened to me before. I want to tell you, dear readers, that the pants were not too tight! They were nice linen trousers, but very thin and without an ounce of stretch. I should know to be more careful, as mooning your boyfriend's family and all passersby is not exactly recommended behavior.

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