.. mix and match | 03.22.10 ..

Sometimes, I like to just put little outfits together based on what I happen to come across that day. It can be very inspiring. Today, I was browsing Anthropologie, so conveniently, I've put together an outfit for your pleasure. Nice, right? Those colors are brilliant together. I love gray with yellows, greens, oranges. Just so bright and crisp. I also like the juxtaposition of the masculine oxfords with the ultra feminine dress and bag. It keeps things from being too saccharine. Plus, I have to mention that the flora-fauna motif is repeated in the scarf and earrings.

Now, if you have $722 to spare, then this outfit could be yours. If not though, I'd suggest buying one of these pieces and then mixing and matching it with pretty things that you already have in your treasure chest of a closet.

P.S. This sounds like a new feature idea! I'm thinking I'd like to do more mix and matches in the future. It'll be a marriage of all things fancy into a pretty concept board of inspiration.

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