.. ok magazine pre-oscar party ..

Heh, I attended the OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party at Beso yesterday and it was pretty fun!

We drove up to L.A. during rush-hour traffic, but it wasn't too terrible. Since we got there quite early, we decided to grab a bite at Katsuya . Okay sushi; nothing spectacular.

On to the party...

The drinks were flowing and complimentary, care of Three Olives Vodka! The bartenders were always so surprised and appreciative when we tipped them, so apparently the Hollywood crowd is not really into tipping.

We were sitting next to a couple who seemed famous as they were getting some extra attention. I finally looked over and mentioned that the guy looked like "The Most Interesting Man in the World" from those Dos Equis commercials. Christian got excited and slid over the booth to chat him up. Turns out it really was him!! It totally made Christian's night. We felt weird about asking for pictures, but I was on a mission for the blog. Plus, he seemed so excited that we recognized him from the commercials! He and his wife were very cute and loving toward one another. When it was my turn to get a picture with him, he playfully pushed his wife aside and said it should just be the two of us in the picture. I protested and said that I absolutely wanted his wife in the photo op as well!

Don't mind my maniacal/crazed smile. Moving along...

I saw Evan Lysacek there, but didn't get a picture. Very disappointed!! He spent most of the night with a blond chick, who seemed like a PR type, but his girlfriend was nowhere in sight. When I first spotted him, he was talking to Cheryl Burke. Makes sense, since he's going to be on Dancing with the Stars this season. She seemed like she was having a terrible time the whole night. She was sitting with another familiar face, but I couldn't place his name. That happened over and over again!

So, the kid from the Blind Side, Quinton Aaron, was there as well. He seemed nice enough and was certainly enjoying the spotlight. Very tall.

It was only 10:30p, but we decided to make our exit! Heh, a girl needs her sleep! Anyways, while we were waiting for the valet to bring around our car, I slipped back into the party to use the bathroom. Lucky me, because I spotted the most recent bachelor, Jake with the dreaded Vienna. I have no idea if she's dreadful or not, just based on pure gossip! Anyways, he was smaller in stature than I had imagined. The previous two-timing bachelor Jason Mesnick was also there. He was talking to Vienna and Jake had his eye rooted on the two of them...probably afraid that Jason was going to steal her away. At any rate, Jake was very nice, asked my name and in a southern accent said, "Nice to meet you, Jennifer. I'm Jake!"

On my way out, I ran into Kendra Wilkinson taking pictures for the press, but didn't get a chance to ask her for a picture. Here's one I gathered online |

Finally, I snapped a quick one of this chick who I recognize from TV, but I don't know her name! Some chick who was with her totally gave me bitch face when I snapped the picture. Heh, yeah I admit it was pretty rude of me to just take a picture of someone without asking, but we were waiting for our cars and she was right there! Still can't place her though.

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