.. oscars, did it ever end? ..

As you are likely aware, the Academy Awards Show was yesterday. I managed to watch Alice in Wonderland, have dinner, come home and work on the Etsy site, and the show was still on the air after all that! Amazing. I caught some of it at the Thai restaurant, and I think it was mildly entertaining for being on mute the whole time. It was a bit like a guessing game and we didn't have to sit through all the boring bits.

In addition to a Razzie, Sandra Bullock also received her first Oscar! She really dressed for the occasion, too! Beautiful gold and silver lamé Marchesa dress with a delicate embroidered flower motif on the bodice and asymmetric shoulder sleeve. Not sure about the hair or makeup though. It looks a bit severe.

Here are some other stand outs...

Very dramatic and a lot of swirls and ruffles, but it works. She's wearing the dress, not the other way around.

This print was really beautiful and interesting. She looked unique and the dress fit...a bit wrinkly though!

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