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Canter's Delicatessen | Los Angeles, CA | 03.01.10

Esther and I ventured to LA to find some vintage items to purchase for our Etsy site. We only came home with three new pieces, but they were a steal. We bought an awesome knee length leather jacket, so amazing!

There was this other ridiculous vintage shop on N. Fairfax that sold really high-end pieces. I was practically drooling at all the amazing clutches, dresses, and coats they had in there. These pieces were so expensive, that the shop was generally open by appointment only. Furthermore, when we came in, the owner locked the door behind us! This place was ridiculous. The warehouse/backroom was massive, and probably had some absolutely breathtaking things back there. I was in heaven and hell all at the same time.

Anyhow, let's get back on topic! We were starving when we got to LA, as neither of us had eaten a thing that day. We stumbled on Canter's Deli, and both of us totally enjoyed the people watching. We were transported back to the 50s/60s. There was a large senior citizen contingent there, for sure.

Esther and I, for once, managed to control our over ordering. She ordered the pastrami on rye and I ordered the turkey club. We shared half of our sandwiches with each other. The portions were very generous, so we were glad that we didn't order the potato latkes and soup on top of it all. I have to tell you though, that the table directly in front of us did order soup as a starter and it looked steaming hot and oh so delicious. That'll be for another time!

The pastrami was on point. I loved how flavorful the meat was, and they really crisp the bread for you. The sandwich was served with a thousand island style dressing, which I really liked, especially because we also used the dip for our potato chips as well. This sandwich was an explosion of flavor.

The turkey club was nothing special. The bacon was thick and smoky, but the turkey was dry. The sandwich is huge though, so you might have a hard time fitting it into your mouth.

Overall, we had a great time because we felt like we were transported to another time, and who doesn't love a deli!?

Rating | O O O

P.S. Esther has a little clip of our visit to Canter's. Maybe she'll post it for you, if you ask real nice!

Image via Yelp

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