.. allergies, you leave me alone ..

 That's me, feeling the wrath of spring allergies.

My allergies have been acting up today!! The sinus pressure was crazy strong earlier, which is why I haven't been posting much.  I had some errands to do, so I picked up some Claritin along the way, and I'm starting to feel much better.

Along with the allergies, there were other frustrations that had to do with buying ink cartridges for my printer, and then coming home to find that they had packaged the wrong cartridge type in the box. I only realized this after unsuccessfully tinkering with it for 45 minutes and having it still not print. I thought it was my fault. Oh, goodness! That meant I had to go all the way back and exchange it for another box, which I promptly checked on the spot. Success, finally!

Here's some good news though.  My mom is cooking Pho tonight, so I get a great home-cooked meal, which will make everything right again! Yum!! I'll be sure to take pictures tonight to share with you, dear readers.

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  1. i feel ya, i get spring allergies, it's like a lingering cold. the sneezing and runny nose is the worse!


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