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I must be a glutton for punishment! I've registered Ooh Fancy That at Bloglovin', which allows users to follow the blogs that they love. This is a bit tiresome, since it seems like there are already a plethora of ways to follow a blog out there, but I will do what I can to get the blog more readers.

This seems to be most popular with fashion bloggers out there, but since we talk about more than just fashion, I've put OFT in the "General Lifestyle" category. This is a good way to get more exposure for a blog, especially if it's at the top of the list (i.e., has a lot of followers already and is likely to gain more from Bloglovin' users). However, as it currently stands, we only have one follower, which just so happens to be me. Heh.

So, if you find yourself sitting around twiddling your thumbs, maybe go on over to Bloglovin' and support us by following the blog.

Thanks and hugs.

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