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I was at South Coast Plaza today to return a couple of things, and my intention wasn't to shop, but I couldn't help myself.

Bloomingdale's has a great sale going on! For every $100 you spend, you get a $15 gift card. That's not the best part though. In the handbags department, you get $20 off every $100 you spend, so the savings start racking up. I also saw 30% off signs around the rest of the shop.

Normally, I wouldn't go crazy like this but I had new money burning in my pocket from the returns. Hehe.

I was a bit tired today, so I didn't try on many pieces of clothing. As a result, I ended up with a lot of jewelry, tights, headbands, etc. Let's not forget my special Bloomie's purchases as well: one spanking new handbag for myself and one clutch for my mom. Mother's Day and my mom's birthday are coming up soon, so I'm happy to have at least one thing for her! She mentioned wanting a small beaded clutch to take out with her on special occasions, so I hope she likes this!

Can I tell you something?? I was having a serious battle with myself between two bags, both Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This is the "Totally Turnlock Sia Patent Leather Crossbody Bag." Adorable, and best of all, compact. I can wear it and forget about it. I love that it's a crossbody bag. So, I was totally down for this one, but it's more for utility than that wow factor. Still, I wanted it. Retail Price | $258.00

Now, this is the "Totally Turnlock Sasha Leather Crossbody Bag." They had this is midnight blue, which was to die for. It was really large, which I worried about, because whenever I carry large bags, they inevitably get filled with junk, and then it becomes super cumbersome. I liked the color though and I still could wear it across my body. Retail Price | $458.00

So, which one did I end up with?? See after the jump!

That's right! I ended up getting the large Sasha Crossbody Bag. What do you think, dear readers? Did I make the right choice? To me, I couldn't pass up the color. I think I have enough black and brown bags that this was a nice change. Ultimately, it'll probably be more versatile, too, given the larger size.

There were a couple others that I now covet. I liked this one, but they didn't have it in a color I wanted. I would have taken it in either red or purple, but they only had black.   

Same thing with this bag. They only had it in the aqua blue color. 

Lastly, they didn't have this bag at all. This one is a real beauty and the most expensive of the bunch at $498.00.


Stock images from Bloomingdale's

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