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I remember living in Hong Kong with my grandparents when I was a toddler, thankfully I didn't take up much space and shared a bed with my loving grandmother.  In later years, I would go visit in the summer time, and I enjoyed this grand city.  It's always full of life, lights, people, and my favorite, yummy eats.  But, after two weeks, the thrill wears off.  My personal space constantly gets invaded by strangers and I'm up at the crack of dawn from all the noise on the streets, so I appreciate the spaciousness I get to enjoy living in the states.  Anyways, I wanted to share this video that my friend had posted on Facebook which gives you a sense of the living spaces in HK.

Video: "Incredibly Efficient Efficiency
"Last year, we wrote about Architect Gary Chang's amazing 344 square-foot apartment with sliding walls. We recently discovered that Chang let video crews into his Hong Kong apartment, and now we can see his design in action."

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