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So, I've wanted to be a contestant on a game show forever!! And, guess what?? Haha, no I haven't been chosen as a contestant yet, but maybe soon! I'll be going to a casting call for Minute To Win It, and I hope the producers choose me. You can win up to a million dollars, so this is a big deal.

According to the casting instructions, we'll have to play one of the games from the show, and they chose two in particular for us to practice--Stack Attack and Speed Eraser.

So, I've practiced Stack Attack a handful of times, which is good, but I haven't really been able to do Speed Eraser very well. I tried finding a clip of that game, but it's not available online right now, so I don't have details about how far I have to stand from the cups and what technique I should use. It seems very difficult.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'm asked to do Stack Attack!! Here's a video of me practicing this game. I didn't have red plastic cups, so I used smaller paper cups instead. I think it's a bit harder with the paper cups, given how light and flimsy they are. This video is clocking in at 1:07, so I'm over a little. I'm thinking that I can definitely go faster with the red plastic cups. Here we go!! Wish me luck!

Some fumbles here and there. I have to be much smoother!

Source | NBC

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