.. obsessed with epaulets ..

Within the last six months or so, I've been crazy for epaulets. Epaulets on jackets, dresses, tops, anything I can get my hands on, really. Strong shoulder structure and adornment has definitely been a trend, so much so that it's definitely trickled down to more consumer friendly brands as well. I have some very nice affordable pieces from H&M and MNG, which feature amazing shoulder details--buttons, metal studs, chains, glass beads, etc. I even found the red rosette jacket from the garden collection, which has super puffy shoulders for that extra pop.

Here are a couple of pieces from my closet...two dresses and a tuxedo jacket!

They make you stand taller, and you feel stronger and more confident. Who doesn't want that?! I remember the days when shoulder pads or shoulder accentuation were a no no and yet they've come back again with a vengeance. Back in December, I profiled Balmain's spring collection '10 and it was spectacular. Here are couple from the fall '10-'11 collection...

The shoulders are as prominent and dominant as ever.

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