.. OFT update | 04.20.2010 ..

We're getting more Facebook fans which is great, or shall I say we're getting more people to "like" OFT. It's hard for me to get the word out there (i.e., I'm not a natural born marketer/networker), but I'm trying. I have a couple of things in mind, which I hope to be able to start soon!  I'd love for more people to find out about our blog and the great things we offer in our shop.

In a couple weeks, I'd love to do a giveaway! I'm going to pick out a couple accessories, or things that we fancy to give to one or a few lucky winners. More details to come! Just know that I'll ask you to follow us on the blog through Google Friend Connect (see right sidebar) and to also comment on the post. This will be happening soon, so if you get a chance now, please follow us!

I found a couple great things from vintage and secondhand stores for our Etsy shop! I'll be taking pictures of the new items this week, and you'll see them featured in the shop after that. Here's a preview...

Two dresses, a blouse, skirt, clutch, and heels!

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