.. to headband or not to headband ..

I love the idea of headbands, so  I'll go to the store and see something really cute, buy it, but then either wear it once or never wear it at all. The truth is, headbands can be mightily uncomfortable, and eventually you get that ache behind your ear and all bets are off. Of course, nowadays there are all sorts of different floral and bow headbands to choose from, and you can wear them so many different ways.

I contemplated wearing a headband today across my forehead. You know what I'm talking about. It was all the rage a couple of years ago with Nicole Richie and the boho set sporting them left and right. I've always thought that wearing a headband that way was a bit lame, especially because it creates that weird hat ridge all the way around your head. Plus, you can look a bit like a jackass. Heh, but I do admit that some people look really good with it on. So, before going out tonight, I gave it a shot!

Okay, so I'm trying to let it sink it...

Feeling a bit unsure about this. It's sort of cute, but I'm afraid I might be messing with it all night. Can I pull this off, seriously?

Crap, I just can't do it. Happy without the forehead-band!

 I forgot to take a pic of the final look, so I made sure to take one when I got home!

Obey Leather Double Breasted Jacket (gift from my boyfriend!)
H&M Cotton Pale Pink Ruffle Dress
Floral Tights from Nordstrom (gift from Esther!)
Guess by Marciano Grey Suede Booties
Vintage Necklace
Rebecca Minkoff Black Morning After Mini Satchel
No forehead accoutrement.


  1. you look so cute!! i really wish we lived in the same place so we can shop and eat together.
    btw, i thought i automatically was a follower on this blog, didn't realize i had to sign in. weird. yeah, i dunno.

  2. Haha, thanks! I totally wished we lived in the same area. It would be so much fun to shop and eat with you--our two favorite pastimes!!

    Well, you were an unofficial follower, but now you're legit.


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