.. vintage showcase | 05.30.10 ..

Okay, so one of the main reasons we're taking these photographs is to showcase some of our amazing items at the OFT shop. We don't usually wear head-to-toe vintage ensembles, but rather mix and match pieces that we love together. A mix of vintage and modern is just what we like. Alternatively, if we do a totally vintage look, then we'll style our make-up and hair in a very modern way. Styling and accessorizing is the key to completing any look.

On this occasion, Esther wore a vintage dress and necklace (worn as bracelet) that we're featuring in the shop, and I'm wearing a vintage black pencil skirt, gold necklace, and black belt with gold buckle that's in the shop as well. Note, all style details can be found at the end of the post, and also, we haven't had the opportunity to post the dress that Esther's wearing, but we will soon. I just haven't had time to update the shop recently, but once I get the pieces photographed on Caroline (our dress form), we'll be ready to go!

A couple of contextual notes for you. We're still in Orange. There's a roundabout on Glassell Street, so, we decided to take some pictures in the little circular park area smack dab in the middle of the roundabout. Next time, I'll have to take pictures of the quaint historic buildings and homes in the area to share with you!

Here's what I'm wearing...MNG/Mango double breasted navy jacket, H&M pale pink tank, vintage black pleated pencil skirt (available here!), Dolce Vita studded pumps with hidden platform (beautiful, but toe killers), vintage gold-toned braid necklace (available here!), vintage belt with gold-toned metal buckle (available here!), Betsey Johnson gold watch, pink flower headband fashioned as a bracelet, Forever 21 gold ring, and vintage red leather and suede clutch from my mama.

Damn, that was a mouth full. I had no idea I was wearing so much!! The idea here was to pair the vintage skirt with a modern and simple top, and to accessorize with gold and red (lipstick and clutch). I love it!! It's bold, while still being pretty (especially with the pale pink touches here and there). Of course, you know how much I love the juxtaposition of contrasting styles, moods, and textures! Perfect example here, with the masculine gold watch paired with the feminine frilly bracelet (headband).

Here's what Esther's wearing...J. Crew black silk blazer with striped lining, blue vintage dress (will be available soon at the OFT shop), black leggings, Micheal Kors brown cork wedges, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, purple beaded glass gold necklace, and vintage Christian Dior purse from her grandma!

I have to mention that Esther is wearing a beautiful vintage gold necklace fashioned into a bracelet (available here!). We're thinking of giving that away to one lucky reader in an upcoming giveaway, but I'm not sure yet. If it doesn't sell by Monday, I'm putting it in the giveaway. Stay tuned for more details!!

Back to the program here...Esther's outfit is more of an easy, breezy spring look. The light blue pin-tucked dress is perfectly paired with that crisp blazer for a Martha's Vineyard feel. It's refreshing and feminine. The light touches of gold--on the purse, necklace, and bracelet--keep it from being too sweet.

Hope you love the looks. Hugs, have a great weekend, and we'll be back with an updated shop soon, as well as details on the giveaway! Please follow us on blogger, bloglovin', facebook, and/or twitter. We really appreciate the support <3


  1. you two both look so pretty! more vintage-wear pictures please!

  2. I adore the pumps!! you look really beautiful and I like your blog!!


  3. Thanks so much!! I love the pumps as well, but they hurt :)

  4. ocean, there's so much more to come! Next time you're here, we have to do a whole photoshoot. You can wear some of the vintage stuff, and I'll totally do the styling for you ;)


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