.. visiting family and missing my other half ..

I'm flying back to my hometown, Cleveland Ohio to visit my family today.  It's the first time I've been back since I got married 6 months ago.  It's amazing how fast we adapt to our new lives.  I'm going to miss my husband and his family, but also the southern California weather as it's always a bit turbulent over in the east coast, AND I thought about all the types of food I'll miss while I'm gone, In and Out...Korean BBQ, All of Little Saigon, and many other whole in the wall places Jennifer and I have been discovering in the LA and Orange County area....don't feel bad for me as it's only two weeks and I have the opportunity to try the wonderful Cleveland treasures that's popped up since I've been gone :)

Anyways, I'm excited to see my family. My siblings Alex, Angela, and Henry are all in on my surprise arrival back home - as my mom and dad have no clue that I'm coming back today and staying for two weeks to help with the move of our family owned Asian grocery store. I grew up there since I was in first grade and after 20+ years, my family is embarking on a new adventure and moving into a much bigger space.  Stay tuned for pics in the coming weeks!  It's going to take a lot of helping hands and hard work to get this accomplished.  I'm very happy that I have a wonderful husband (who I will miss so much) and the flexibility to visit during this important time.  Here's some cute photos Jennifer took of my Twilight and I a couple weekends ago :)

Last thing to our Fancy Etsy patrons, I can't wait to show you what vintage finds I brings back from Ohio!

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  1. Have fun!! Oh, I'm going to miss you, but I can't wait to see what you bring back with you :D

    P.S. I hope you don't mind, I made the pictures bigger!


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