.. OFT shop update | 05.06.10 ..

We've been peeling wallpaper all day--okay, not all day, but at least several hours. Tedious, sticky, tiring work!!

I'm going to be posting new items at the  OFT shop, so here's a little preview of a couple of things we'll be listing. Hope you're excited!

Pretty, right?? I love the skirts, in particular. I'll start posting tomorrow or this weekend, and we have a bunch more items to inventory and photograph as well!

P.S. | We'll be wearing some of these items in our next photo session (tomorrow, I think!), so you'll get more of a sense of how they look!


  1. Oh! You'll be selling these clothes? If you are, I'm gonna be your best buyer!!! Those are sooooo pretty!



  2. Yes, I'll be listing these items in the OFT shop (www.oohfancythat.etsy.com)!! Stay tuned :)


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