.. we were vibrant with color ..

I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to post these pictures. I seriously hurt my back, although I'm not sure how, and was rendered fairly immobile yesterday. I'm feeling much better today, thanks to a great massage and a lot of rest in my comfy bed.

Esther and I had a lot of fun with this dress up session. We put fake lashes on each other, and admired the dramatic difference it made to our faces. I love long lashes and wish I had them naturally, but on this occasion, the fake lashes did its job wonderfully. I have to say that the sun and the weight of the lashes made our eyes extremely tired, so this will only be a once in awhile thing. I know some girls put on fake lashes everyday, but it's way too much work for me! I'm lucky if I think to brush my hair before I go out. Hehe, that's just how it goes.

We got dressed quickly with some new inventory that we purchased for the shop. I luckily had some great heels in the car, which we both put on, and I borrowed a belt from Esther, so we were ready to go. I love the fuchsia with the royal purple. The colors are so vibrant, and with the green grass and trees, everything was just saturated with life and color.

It was pretty hot though, so we were doing our fair share of complaining. Thoai (my oldest brother; Esther's husband) was nice enough to take photos, but as we heard from him later, apparently we're totally divas. Not true!! We were complaining, but it a good-natured, playful way.


Esther wore a vintage fuchsia jumpsuit, vintage black and white blazer, vintage necklace and belt, and BCBG black suede pumps. I tried to break up the jumpsuit with the blazer, but I didn't want to use a heavy blazer because it would weigh down and overpower the outfit. Therefore, I chose a really lightweight blazer, that still gave her some structure in the shoulders but could easily be cinched in with a belt. This look isn't Esther's style, but I thought it was fun and really accentuated her nice shape. The super high pumps are ultra sexy, and added much needed height to the outfit. As you all know, jumpsuits are incredibly difficult to pull off, given their stumpifying quality, but with the heels, Esther pulls it off magnificently. The jumpsuit, blazer, and necklace will be available in the shop soon!

I wore a vintage royal purple silk dress with strong shoulders (will also be available in the shop). Purple is my favorite color and I love the shape of this dress. You put it on and it appears effortless. I love the flowy skirt, and how flattering it looks when cinched in at the waist. The dress comes with a matching purple belt, but I liked wearing it with the dove gray colored belt for that extra pop. Gray and purple is a great combination. The Dolce Vita shoes are metallic and go well with the vibrancy of the dress. However, I don't think these shoes are perfect for the dress, but they were what I had in the car ;) I'd liked to have worn shoes that were more slinky and high, rather than being a platform heel. The platform heel makes the outfit a bit heavy, especially with the mid calf hemline, but it's not entirely wrong. I'm also sporting a fabulous antique silver heart charm bracelet, my everyday antique gemstone ring, as well as a large silver skull ring (from Party City as part of a pirate get-up I once wore to a costume party), and Forever 21 charm necklace. I went all silver and charms with my jewelry! I wish I had a close up of the accessories. They were fun.

P.S. | Esther was such a good sport. She put on a couple of different outfits on this occasion from our mobile closet (i.e., my car), so I'll be posting those photographs later!


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