.. the champions!!!! ..

I went through so many emotions yesterday, all the while screaming, cheering, jeering, and biting my nails. Things were intense!! When the Lakers won, I teared up hearing about how much it meant to all the guys on the team. This was a crazy, difficult series to win, and I'm just thankful we came out on top. I don't know how I'd be today if we had lost yesterday.

Here's portions of Kobe's and Artest's post game interviews. Watch it...super entertaining and informative!!

Oh crap, this misses some of the good moments from Kobe's interview. Here's a full transcript of it!

Ron's interview was the best!! Really entertaining, and he was just so happy. He felt what we were all feeling!! I loved that he brought out his whole family. Adorable.

"I just can't wait to go to the cluuub!!"

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