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It's been hectic for me and Esther, so we haven't had too many opportunities to update the shop (e.g., organize and inventory merchandise, take pictures, finalize pricing, list items, etc). That makes me sad, because I feel like our shop has not been tended to and cared for the way it should! However, I have managed to put some new stuff up for sale and there will be so much more in the near future!! Please take a look!!

The purpose of this last photo session was to highlight some of our great blazers, which are one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. They're incredibly versatile and oftentimes completes a look in a very special way. I also took the opportunity to put on some cool dresses that we recently purchased, and those will be listed in the shop as well. I promise!!

As you may have guessed, I'll have to break this up into several posts, just because there's so much to show. I'll start with the "canvas." Basically, I needed to wear some neutral and versatile pieces in order to be able to swap out a number of different blazers, etc. Therefore, I went with a simple white top, and a great swingy forest green skirt, and some black fringe boots. The outfit worked well as a base for the blazers, but was still visually interesting on its own. These first series of photos illustrates the original outfit I started with. I wore a fabulous strong shouldered H&M tuxedo inspired blazer, which I wanted to show you just for fun, but in the subsequent posts, I'll be wearing different jackets/blazers.

The weather was great, because we had clouds coming in and it was somewhat windy (June gloom), that I didn't get too hot changing in and out of outfits. We also got a chance to drive around to several different locations, just to get some variety in scenery!


Here are the specifics regarding the clothes | H&M Blazer with shoulder detail, BCBG white tank, H&M forest green swing skirt with pockets, black tights, Zara suede fringe boots, Calvin Klein sunglasses, vintage necklace and purse. I love my vintage purse. It provides a great pop of color and is surprisingly roomy. This outfit was super comfortable and I felt a bit inspired by Artemis. I also loved the movement of the boots. It just made things more fun for me.

Thanks Esther for the great photography!


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