.. re-styling an old t-shirt ..

I have a lot of clothes lying around, listless in their disuse, that it's great to be able to breathe new life into something once in awhile. Of course, I'm sure you all have t-shirts that you don't wear, so cutting them into a new shape is a great way to extend the life of a shirt.

I have this pretty fun t-shirt that I got at a music/art event, where local designers submitted special silk screen prints to be used on American Apparel t-shirts. Best of all, these shirts were free and you could customize them however you wanted. On this occasion, I went with an Obey design. I decided to put the design (a woman's head) upside down on the front and right side up on the back, on the right and left side of the shirt, respectively.

Funny story, my boyfriend got the same design but he overlapped the design several times over, so it looked like you were seeing triple heads on top of each other. Months went by and we never wore the shirts, but one night I decided to wear the shirt out, and on the same night, Christian wore his shirt for the first time as well. I thought it was such a crazy coincidence, but one of us had to keep our jackets on the whole night, lest we be seen dressed as twins. Oh, the horror!

Anyways, it's a cool shirt, but mine totally shrank in the wash, and the crew neck was too fitted that it wasn't especially stylish. The other night, I decided to make an asymmetric shirt out of it. I think it turned out well and I even wore it the next day! This is seriously the easiest thing to do, and t-shirt fabric doesn't fray, so it's ideal for cutting.

I eyeballed the way I wanted it to look and snipped away! If you're worried, you can always draw out something with fabric chalk. I cut it down through the left sleeve, and I chose to cut out the left side because the front design was on the right.

Just come back around and clean up any rough or uneven edges. It's free form, so you don't have to be exact, but you also don't want it looking really sloppy either.

Try it on and make sure it looks right, then make the required adjustments. The rounded sleeve cut was looking a bit pointy at the end, because I cut the front and back of the shirt at the same time. So, I folded the sleeve down and rounded the edges, so that it would sit better on my arm when I had it on.

Voila! All done and now I have a "new" shirt to wear. Of course, you can cut your shirt any number of ways, and think about studding or bejeweling the sucker, too.

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  1. Check you out gorgeous! So stylish. I love your blog by the way. It's so fancy, hehe.


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