.. studded birkin ..

Speaking of Lady Gaga, I love what she did with her Hermes Birkin bag. The spiky studs are fun, even though they're not too practical (i.e., those studs look sharp). Many bloggers out there seem outraged, as if she's defaced something holy, but really, it's just a bag, and she can buy 10 more and do crazy things with each of them!

More alarming are these shoes she's wearing. This is defying what I know about feet and ankles.

Image via Bag Snob and Go Fug Yourself


  1. this is beautiful! is it even for sale?

  2. the studded birkin is amazing! btw check out my new post with short movies from Dior and LV and let me know what you think!



  3. Ocean, I think she customized it herself!

    Thanks, Rosa. I'll check it out.


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