.. braised short ribs ..

One of my favorite dishes to make is braised short ribs, and I think my version is pretty delicious (if I say so myself). I usually serve my short ribs with a mushroom risotto with parmigiano reggiano, or creamy garlicky mash potatoes, and caramelized pearl onions, too!

This version from Top Chef as illustrated by the amazing Michael Voltaggio is awesome as well. It was originally conceived by Kelly and Andrea on Top Chef this season. I like the idea of a goat cheese polenta. The tartness of the goat cheese is a nice counterpoint to the richness of the short ribs.


I braise my short ribs for hours on end (on the bone, to the point that it just pulls apart from the bone after all the braising), but the pressure cooker is a great alternative if you're running short on time.

The Top Chef dish definitely looks more refined than my version of it.

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