.. fall tv season ..

I'm deep into the fall tv season, and have really enjoyed a lot of my favorites coming back on the air, and also a couple of new additions to my schedule.

So sad though!!! Fox is terrible with new shows, and they've already decided to axe "Lone Star" after only two episodes. What a tragedy!! That show had real potential and now it's just gone.

The "Fringe" premiere last week was spectacular. If you're not watching, you're missing out. It was so emotionally compelling and suspenseful.

So happy "Dexter" is back. Poor Rita, but now we really see Dexter challenged in new and exciting ways. What will happen to his burgeoning humanity??

"The Good Wife" premiere last night made me restless. I can't stand that Alicia and Will are in the dark about each other's feelings and desires. This is a slow burner alright.

"Glee" fun!!

Wow, "Mad Men" was so depressing last week. I was hopeful for Don, but recent events have brought out the old scared Don in full force.

Love the Barefoot Contessa reference on "30 Rock." Good stuff.

Okay, so there's a sampling of my recent thoughts about the wonderful world that is television, but I'll just save the rest for myself!

Don't worry, I still have time to read.

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