.. "I'm still here" ..

After reading Owen Gleiberman's review of "I'm Still Here," I think I'm going to have to watch it. Seems very sad though.
That his handlers — and Affleck — enable this behavior by never attempting an intervention amounts to an ethical lapse. Yet the film's unflinching honesty is, in the end, its own justification. Affleck uses Phoenix's descent to forge a riveting — and, in its way, cautionary — case study of a celebrity self-destructively addicted to his own psychodrama. Phoenix may say that he's left acting behind, but whether he's trolling the Internet for hookers, trying (hilariously) to get Diddy to produce his rap album, or lashing out at fame while still enjoying its perks, the movie understands that his Last Honest Man in Showbiz routine is really a performance — even if it's one the actor himself is only dimly aware of. The real hoax is the one that Phoenix has perpetrated on himself. It's the illusion (to quote one of his bad hip-hop songs) that he's a ''compli-f---in'-cated'' rebel rather than just another vain burnout who needs help.

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