.. halloween fun ..

So, I bought this ridiculous hotdog costume a couple of weeks ago, and that's what I'm going as for Halloween! Heh, I'm foregoing my vanity this year.

In terms of make-up, my costume doesn't really require any, but I know some of you are thinking of much more involved costumes. I've been watching these amazing tutorials from Jen (From Head To Toe), and they're very inspiring. She does some crazy, transformative things with make-up. Take a look at her toy soldier/nut cracker tutorial. It's eerily realistic...

P.S. After watching these, I totally want to have fun with make-up, but then I start thinking about the sheer amount of make-up I have to buy to really pull one off these looks off. Heh, maybe next year...

Source | FrmHeadToToe

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