.. I have a shopping problem ..

I've put myself on a strict "no shopping" policy--for awhile at least, unless it's a really great vintage/thrift deal, then maybe--but things are tough going. I think I might actually have a problem. I keep seeing things that I want and I can't escape my wants! Whether I'm on my computer, walking by a store, or just awake (thank god, I'm not dreaming about clothes, shoes, etc.), I'm tempted.

Got an email about the launch of lastcall.com, and damn all the great discount designer sites out there. How am I to save any money like this??

I've been wanting some classic lace-up boots for awhile (seriously, searching for the perfect pair), and these Seychelles are sweet! I have a pair of really high black lace-up hiking booties already, but they're more in the style of rough leather and metal, while these are more "I love nature" boho-chic.

What to do?? Convince me that I don't need these!

Or do I? I've been searching for something like this for awhile, so technically this item might be excluded from my shopping ban, since I wanted it long before the ban. OMG, I'm rationalizing again. This is a real addiction, dear readers.

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