.. restoring order ..

My closet was a mess! I kept buying more, and then had nowhere to put all of my stuff, to point where it got really out of control. I had the best several days of cleaning recently, and got everything in order!!

I separated out a bunch of things to get rid of/donate, and moved things that were infrequently worn to another closet in the house, and it's just so nice now. I've rediscovered long forgotten garments, and because everything has it's place, it's so much easier to put together fun and interesting outfits without the hassle of searching and sweating like before. So glorious!!

Here's a sampling of what I did...

The closet shown here is tiny, but I managed to include all the essentials. Everyday shoes are in a downstairs closet, and other less frequently worn items have been relegated to another closet.

Then, I had to organize everything that was going to be folded and put away -- separated by garment type, so that I would be able to easily pick out a short sleeve top, dress, pants, etc.

It feels so good. In the process of getting my clothes and shoes organized, my life has also been put in order as well!


  1. even your shoes are colorful! i also didnt realize you had so many!!

  2. Yes, I'm obsessed with shoes, and a bright colored shoe will totally make any outfit!! What size do you wear? Let's play dress up one day...I'll style you and take photos!!

  3. haha my dress up means covered in mud or cake. can we do that? i won't wear your shoes for this photo shoot.

  4. Not sure I'd want to waste cake, but we could definitely do mud!


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