.. italian delights for a baby on the way ..

I intended to post more last week, but life sometimes gets in the way of best intentions. I apologize, dear readers. Wanted to share with you that I am very happily anticipating the birth of my nephew, first one too, so I'll be a new aunt!

To celebrate, we had a very festive babypalooza. Everyone had tons of fun, and although this was quite the atypical baby shower (i.e., lots of drinking games with dollar store baby bottles included), we still celebrated this momentous occasion in the best of ways.

We were expecting quite a lot of people, so I thought that some hearty Italian dishes would be just the thing to fill everyone's bellies. We had homemade pizza, ravioli, gnocchi, pasta salad, caesar salad, snacks, pies, and lots of drinks!!!

Here's one of me and Esther (my awesome sister-in-law)...

Yay, congrats Thoai and Esther! (I'd put a picture up of the happy couple, but I'm not sure Thoai wants to have his face on the blog. You know, that pesky little thing called privacy.)

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