.. so many presents to think about! ..

So, I've started my holiday shopping in earnest. There's just so much to get! I've already found my mom the perfect Christmas present. She doesn't read the blog, so I can give you all a little hint...I got her a great patent leather handbag!! Still have to think about my dad, brothers, and friends :)

I also went to a couple antique and consignment stores today. I found three amazing pieces of jewelry. They were a bit pricey, but I decided to get them anyway. I'm definitely keeping the huge square cut rhinestone/crystal ring, but there are two other pieces which I'm debating about. I don't think I should be buying anymore for myself, so now it's just a matter of deciding who to bequeath these gifts to. Hehe, the thing is, it's big, gaudy costume jewelry, and not everyone's a fan of that. I can't imagine why not, but there's no accounting for taste. Hah!

Here's a really blurry image of the ring. I keep meaning to take product shots and do a couple of style posts, but it's all a matter of finding the time, energy to dress up, and a photographer/friend/family member willing to deal with my embarrassing in-front-of-camera-ways.

All you can really tell from this shot is how humongous and awesome this ring is, and boy is it sparkly. I'm now wearing it on my right hand (the smaller of my hands), on my middle finger. It looks best there.

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