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Get ready for an onset of holiday recap posts, beginning with this one! 

I enjoy making savory dishes more than I enjoy making desserts/baking. However, around the holidays, I totally get into a baking mode and develop a temporary sweet tooth.

This year, I decided to make goodie bags for friends and family, filled with almond/peanut butter cookies, rice crispy treats, and chex mix delights.

For the cookies, I modified this flourless peanut butter recipe. Instead of just peanut butter, I did half peanut butter, half almond butter, then I added a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips, slivered almonds, and dried berries/cherries (strawberries, blueberries, and cherries). Oh man, dried strawberries are delicious. The cookies were a bit too sweet for me, so I think I'll reduce the sugar content next time.

I just used a basic recipe for the rice crispy treats, but I added an extra cup of rice crispy cereal to cut down on the sweetness. On some of the treats, I just dusted green sugar on top. The other treats had festive Christmas M&M's in the mix with chocolate ganache on top.


The chex mix delights were made by combining the cereal with pretzels, nuts, candies, and dried fruit. Then, I covered the mix with either powdered sugar or chocolate ganache.

 All the desserts were super simple, but it took me awhile since I made such large batches of each item.

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